Welcome to Airvance, a family-run business firmly grounded in people-centric values, with 70 years of experience to draw from.

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A shared people-centric venture that transcends borders.


“At Airvance, we believe it is essential to bring together high air quality, energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. As a designer, manufacturer and distributor of air handling systems for buildings, we play an essential role in promoting eco-friendly interior environments. By joining our dynamic, innovative team, you will be helping us to create safe and healthy indoor spaces, while also reducing our environmental impact!”

1890 employee

15 countries

23 Subsidiaries

10 factories

#1 A proudly committed team

We believe in instilling pride and commitment in our teams from day one!

-Engaging and informing

-Engaging and informing

Our approach to onboarding and internal communications

We have carefully designed our onboarding process to ensure it is seamless, so you can feel at home as soon as you start your adventure with us! We have crafted our internal communication tools to reflect the multi-subsidiary and international nature of our group, thereby fostering knowledge sharing and the creation of dynamic communities. Our transparent, engaging communication keeps you informed and involved in the group’s strategy and success, as well as highlighting the value of each employee’s individual contribution.

Gathering and celebrating

Gathering and celebrating

Regular events: our approach to bringing our teams closer

We regularly organise internal events across our various subsidiaries. Whether it’s sales meetings with all the sales staff, seminars for managers or teambuilding exercises, there will be plenty of opportunities to implement our company-wide strategy, strengthen ties between teams and celebrate our successes together!

#2 Our talents in motion

We believe in helping our talents to grow. Our varied, bespoke training pathways and our multiple Academies (for Managers, Salespeople, and more) provide you with all the tools you need to excel in your field. We also encourage continuing professional development and internal mobility, helping you to explore new opportunities within the group and develop your skills throughout your career.

Professional growth

Professional growth

Personalised training programmes to help you excel

Our commitment to skills development is demonstrated by our dedicated training programmes. Whether you’re a manager, salesperson or technical expert, our bespoke training courses will help you stay at the cutting edge of your field!

Career exploration

Career exploration

Promoting internal mobility

In order to encourage a diversity of experience among our employees, we actively encourage internal mobility. As a result, you have the opportunity to explore different sectors of our company, enhancing your career path.

Helping our young talents to grow

Helping our young talents to grow

Nurturing the ambition of our young talents with opportunities for them to thrive

Airvance is a welcoming home for ambitious young talents. We offer opportunities for interns, recent graduates and students in work-study training programmes to join a dynamic team, learn new skills and grow with us. By continuing to develop our partnership with schools, we are creating an environment that encourages young talents to thrive, both in their studies and in their professional career.

#3 Ambassadors for the future

We believe we have a shared responsibility to our planet and our community!

CSR commitment

CSR commitment

Together for a better world

We will immerse you in our CSR approach to help you take on the role of ambassadors for change!

We are committed to social causes as well as to investing in ecodesign, in order to create an ecosystem that is conducive to action, in which every step counts and every one of us can help to build a better tomorrow.

Our CSR approach is more than just a top-down initiative; it represents a deeply rooted corporate culture, in which every country has its part to play!




Find out more about the inspiring experiences of our colleagues, without whom none of our success would be possible. Their passion, commitment and creativity drive our growth forward. At Airvance, everyone's voice counts, every viewpoint is valued and each one of us does their part to build a better tomorrow.