Etablissement Hubert Dolbeau

Our Group

Established in February 2020, the Airvance Group was formed from the merger of two groups: The France Air group and the HVAC (Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning) division of the SIG Group plc.

Our history

The France Air Group’s adventure had its roots in Morocco in 1912 with the creation of ‘Établissements Hubert Dolbeau et Cie’, which imported construction equipment (materials, electricity and hydraulics).

“Établissements Hubert Dolbeau et Cie”, a company importing construction resources (materials, electricity and hydraulics), was founded.
The Dolbeau family founded the Compagnie de l’Air Pulsé in Lyon, which later became France Air. Its main line of business consists of air heater distribution.
France Air created a subsidiary to export its products to the Maghreb, Africa and central Europe, which has now become France Air Export.
A new strategy was put in place involving bold initiatives in various sectors: Marketing, the “industrial activity without a factory” concept, state-of-the-art technology and new products, international business and external growth.
France Air Portugal was founded in Lisbon
The SNAC (Société Normande d’Air Contrôlé) factory in Carentan, Normandy was purchased.
France Air Italy founded in Milan.
Three generations later, Olivier Dolbeau, the current CEO, took charge of an international Group with over 540 employees to date.
France Air founded les Comptoirs de l’air® and reorganised its sales force in France.
F. Air Sistemas founded in Angola and acquisition of Multivac in Czech Republic and Slovakia
F. Air HVAC founded in Switzerland, acquisition of Courtois (Savoie), and Airsun (Vaucluse).
France Air Romania founded in Bucharest: This company is a France Air group subsidiary, set up to develop business in Romania.
A new generation plays its part in securing and continuing the economic and human development of the family-run business started by previous generations of the Dolbeau family. Laurent Dolbeau, Olivier Dolbeau’s eldest son, takes over as CEO of the group.

Working closely with our clients

SIG plc., a British insulation supplier, expanded its ventilation business in France in the 2000s by creating synergy with its French division, which was specialised in insulation. Insulation and ventilation proved a successful combination. Sales development in France was boosted with the opening of new branches, distributed geographically to support customers locally. Local proximity became a key success factor.

Founding of Ouest Ventil, the ventilation division of Ouest Isol.
Acquisition of Saftair Ventilation in France.
Acquisition of Air Trade Center
Acquisition of SK Sales in England.
Official creation of SIG Air Handling, a division of the British company. That same year, SIG acquired Inatherm, a company based in the Netherlands.
The SIG Air Handling trademark was created, and HC Groep, a Netherlands-based company, was acquired.
Acquisition of the Netherlands-based company Interland Techniek and the Austrian company Profant Lufttechnik.
Acquisition of the BLH company in Germany.
The British group announced that it was putting its SIG Air Handling division up for sale.


In February 2020 Airvance Group was created by the merger of the France Air group and SIG Plc's HVAC Division

An exciting new story begins...


The Airvance Group is a Group organised around an Executive Board, a Supervisory Board and a Board of Directors.

The Airvance Group is managed by the members of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee helps to define and implement strategy, in line with the broad guidelines set by the Group’s Supervisory Board. The Executive Committee comprises 9 members, including the Chairman of the Managing Board.

Our CSR programme

The implementation of our “Breathe Together” programme provides an opportunity to identify and promote best practice within each of the Group’s entities, as well as to roll them out across our entire workforce.

Breathe Together

Breathe Together

This is the name of the CSR programme launched by our Airvance Group in 2020, which aims to use strong values to unite all men and women who wish to share in them and be part of the company's success.

We see CSR as an opportunity to showcase the Group as an example to follow when it comes to internal practices, which is essential to ensure the success of our ecosystem. We have made CSR a driving force for cooperation and opening up the company to its many stakeholders.

The European Union is currently preparing reforms and standardisation of its CSR policy through the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), with significant involvement from our financial partners. Airvance Group will provide further information on these new standards in 2026 with the annual report for 2025. In the meantime, we are continuing to build our Breathe Together programme as part of our ongoing improvement.



Optimise the environmental impact of our products

  • Maintaining the high quality of your indoor spaces: Indoor Air Quality is the core business and the primary focus of Airvance Group.
  • Improving the energy efficiency of our buildings and products: We have embarked on a programme of energy audits and works to improve the energy efficiency of our buildings.
  • Reducing the environmental impact of our products and business activities: As a manufacturer, we have a moral obligation to reduce and recycle the waste generated at our sites


Investing in healthy, long-term relationships with our business ecosystem

  • Maintaining the high quality of our services and relationships: Establishing relationships based on trust and dialogue with our external stakeholders.
  • Fostering ethical, responsible discussion: Our Group’s information systems are a strategic asset that enable us to meet our customers’ expectations in an optimal way
  • Protecting Data: Defining and harmonising our dialogue with stakeholders has become essential in guaranteeing ethical practice


Make the Group a hub of professional opportunity for all

  • Combating discrimination: We work to combat all forms of discrimination so that each employee can properly perform their duties
  • Developing skills: People are the Airvance Group’s greatest asset. We strive to help them develop their careers, their commitment and their talent
  • Ensuring optimal working conditions: We aim to maintain a close management relationship with our employees and encourage meaningful dialogue between our subsidiaries.

Building our CSR programme

This is the objective we set ourselves, based a number of fundamental principles, accomplished work, a proven CSR programme, strong social ambitions, family values and respect in both our internal and external relationships.

Key figures

In 2022, Airvance Group achieved a turnover of over €571 million. Our group is one of the 5 largest players in the European ventilation market for comfort and indoor air quality.

1890 Employees

240 000 Product references

582 M€ turnover

75 000 Clients per year